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As seen in the Feb 2014 issue of Land Rover Owner International magazine.

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  In about the same time that it takes to change all four wheels a 4x4 can be transformed into a high-mobility tracked vehicle ideal for traversing soft ground - whether it be snow, mud, sand or peat.



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   Versatility is what makes this innovation so attractive - Versatracks can be fitted to any suitable vehicle in your fleet with little or no modification required.

   Perhaps a remote, snowbound installation requires an emergency repair using a cherry-picker?
   A set of four Versatracks can be fitted to the appropriate vehicle on-site in around 30 minutes. No special tools or expertise required.

   Or maybe your environmentally sensitive project site requires that you minimise damage to the ground and vegetation? 
   Fitting Versatracks to the site vehicles will give you all the mobility you require to work efficiently, while reducing average ground pressure as little as 13kPa (2psi) - this is less than the pressure exerted by a child walking!

Lix Toll is the home of the world famous "Yellow tracked Land Rover"

Tracked Land Rover (2)

  The above picture is our previous "Cuthbertsons"  yellow Land Rover with our current "Versatracks" yellow Land Rover pictured below

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   When the time came to build a new tracked Land Rover, Versatracks was the obvious choice for us.

   If you would like a closer look at the system our "Versatracks" Land Rover is usually parked outside the garage during the day. If you would like more details please feel free to contact a member of the Lix Toll sales team or go to the Versatracks website by clicking the link below.

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