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The Land Rover Defender could well be seen as matching all of those descriptions, and perhaps maybe a few more, but It really doesn’t have to be that way. ALIVE have the knowledge, talent, and pure dedication to perfection, that can transform these timeless, iconic vehicles, into something truly great.

Quiet, luxurious, rapid. Not so familiar, but all achievable! Elegant on the inside, yet rugged on the outside. Carefully applied styling that gives an aggressive beauty to such a utilitarian vehicle. Fine leather trimmed seats, coupled with the latest sound deadening technology, makes the interior warm and welcoming. High end audio/video entertainment that can be truly appreciated. Track tested chassis tweaks and braking. Power and Torque that’s smooth, yet potent. All part of the phenomenal results that come when ALIVE works its magic on your Land Rover.

Feel the difference… Feel ALIVE!

At Lix Toll we are proud to be able to offer the full range of tuning services for your Land Rover.

Td5 tune for £354 inc Vat (£295+Vat)

2.4 Tdci for £474 inc Vat (£395+Vat)

2.2 Tdci for £594 inc Vat (£495+Vat)

Plus many more models in the Land Rover range

We can also supply the full range of exhausts, intercoolers, silicone hoses etc.

Please contact us for more details.

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